Employment is key to recovery

Having a job is good for your health and sense of self. It helps you feel socially included, financially independent, and gives you a sense of purpose.

It is a key to recovery for people with experience of mental illness or distress. Sometimes it can be difficult to find or keep a job because of discrimination.

Did you know it is unlawful to treat people differently at work because of mental illness or distress?

Here are some tips to help keep employers, employees and workmates on the right track.

Be aware


  • Make sure your workplace is inclusive and doesn't create barriers for people with disabilities.
  • Employers are expected to be flexible, for example providing mentoring or allowing time off for appointments.
  • People with experience of mental illness do not necessarily have more problems than other people.

Be open

  • Treat everyone with respect - we are all individuals, with different characteristics and needs.
  • If you or your employee discloses their mental illness, discuss it and find solutions.
  • Be clear about any workplace assistance that might be needed.

Be supportive

  • Have information available on mental illness and set up equal employment opportunities policies.
  • Be understanding of people with disabilities and encourage everyone at work to do the same.
  • Make use of anti-discrimination resources available from places such as the Mental Health Foundation.

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