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What can you do?

We can all help to end discrimination toward people who experience mental illness and distress.

Do you know half of people hide their experience of mental illness from their family, friends and loved ones? What would you do if someone shared their experience of mental distress with you?

There are many ways you can support recovery.

Be informed

Did you know that most people who experience mental illness recover? Myths and inaccurate beliefs lead to discrimination. Is your knowledge accurate?

Be fair

Treat people equally. When you include people who experience mental illness you are aiding their recovery. People want to be accepted and included without giving up who they are.

Be kind

When someone seems upset, ask if they need help.

Be inclusive

Learn more about discrimination, how it impacts on recovery and being included in everyday life. Hear from people, just like you and me, who have experience of mental distress. 

Join our Media Watch Facebook page to help increase inclusion and reduce discrimination against those living with mental distress.

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