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No Worries

Employing and responding to workers with mental distress

No Worries

Engages and works with employers to develop their... Read more

Rethink image

Two+ Rethink programme takes off

People working in education and housing organisations in... Read more

Ginas story


Gina Giordani describes herself as an advocate. Read more

Andrews story


Andrew is a marathon runner, keen gardener and... Read more

Anne image


Anne Ho uses her fingers to gently massage... Read more



When someone asks Renee if she’s feeling okay,... Read more

Matt pic


Thirty-three-year-old teacher Matt was convinced he wouldn’t live... Read more

Georgina cropped ls

Georgina Dean

Georgina Dean believes she can change the way... Read more

Marley image

Marlon (Marley) Richards

Marlon Richards believes his POD (Point of Difference)... Read more

Eva Chen cropped

KXXD website helps increase awareness

Eva Chen

KXXD is a Like Minds, Like Mine public... Read more

LM P1 Mailchip


Take the Load Off

We are very pleased to introduce Take the... Read more


From China to NZ: A mental health journey

Sue's story

*Sue packed up her family’s life in China... Read more


perpetrators or patients

Mike Wesley-Smith

When Mike Wesley-Smith left his career in law... Read more

Martha Kim 1

Sae Woom Tor Charitable Trust

Martha Kim

Martha Kim, chairperson of New Zealand-based Korean mental... Read more

Karl 2

I am

Karl Wairama

Karl Wairama is passionate about his work with... Read more

Community pexels photo 325521


Five ways to reduce discrimination

Mental illness discrimination has a long, pervasive history. ... Read more

Natalie pexels photo

The Mindful Minute Challenge

Natalie Lanfear

Natalie Lanfear has lived with mental distress for... Read more

Helena 4

Sharing experience gives others hope

Helena Sonar

“The advice I would give my younger self... Read more

Tangata Ana image 5

Penina o le Pasifika | Pearls of the Pacific

Tangata Atumotu Trust

Ana Mulipola was born and bred in Christchurch... Read more

Talking at work


Why talk about mental health at work?

Mental health problems can affect anyone at any... Read more

Lisa Ducat mailchimp

Opening minds in Kiwi workplaces

Lisa Ducat

Lisa Ducat says the coolest part of her... Read more

Bob Weir image thumbnail

Normalising mental health conversations

Bob Weir

The first thing Bob Weir thinks we need... Read more

Caroline and Tina mailchimp

Supporting mental health brings rewards

Caroline and Tina

Caroline Marr and Tina Butler have a unique... Read more

Brightside pexels photo 192997


The benefits of having experienced mental illness

It feels almost flippant to be talking about... Read more

GreenBayEvent image 2

High school students challenge discrimination

Melissa Bridle

Melissa Bridle, from 24-7 YouthWork, wasn’t sure what... Read more

Zeal Andrew 2

Student led initiative a growing success

Andrew Sutherland

Andrew Sutherland is working on a special project... Read more

Caitlin image 2

Thriving, not just surviving

Caitlin Smart

Nineteen-year-old POD participant and Auckland University statistics student,... Read more

Editorial news media image 2


Why the media matters

Research indicates that uninformed media coverage of mental... Read more

HYTMNW RachelRoss

Have you tried, maybe, not worrying?

Rachel Ross

2015 media grant fellow Rachel Ross was 22... Read more


Award for rural mental health resources

Yvonne O'Hara

Yvonne O’Hara was late coming to journalism, but... Read more

Susanne image 1

Pacific models create non-discriminatory environments

Susanne Cummings

Susanne Cummings’ journey started almost 20 years ago... Read more



Reasonable accommodation at work

New Zealand’s employers are more and more aware... Read more

Rob image 2

Black comedy fights depression

Rob Mokaraka

There are not many people who have the... Read more

Kirsten Wong image 3

Shutting down discrimination 

Kirsten Wong

Being an inaugural Like Minds, Like Mine ‘PODder’... Read more

Margaret POD

Tending the POD

Margaret Lockhart

Margaret Lockhart couldn’t be happier. As the Mental... Read more

hand microphone mic hold

Student's speech breaks down barriers

Sarah Morrison

“ARE YOU NUTS??!!! WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU??? So... Read more

Taimi Presenting 1

reThiNK-ing youth resources

Taimi Allan

Based in Auckland, Taimi Allan is responsible for... Read more

tommy an dmani

An interface between mental health and identity

Intersex Trust Aotearoa

People who identify as LGBTI are more likely... Read more


Takatāpui part of the whānau

Kevin Haunui

By speaking up and challenging his own, and... Read more


App Helps Young People In Distress

Sarah Moktar

Sarah Moktar has developed an app to help... Read more

IMG 1593


Young People Tackle Discrimination Through Art

A new Like Minds, Like Mine project, POD,... Read more

Tabby Besley

Anti-discrimination advocate royally acknowledged

Tabby Besley

Tabby Besley is at the forefront of young... Read more



Mental illness disclosure can help employees and employers

Discrimination against people who experience mental illness happens... Read more

WW Sarah Gordon image 1

Lifting the barrier for those battling mental illness

Sarah Gordon

Between stints in psychiatric care and hiding her... Read more

employment discrimination

Workplace discrimination hidden

Jackie Blue

Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner, Dr Jackie Blue, says... Read more

Rugby black and white person sport competition

A brush with mental distress

Pita Alatini

Pita Alatini says his brush with mental distress... Read more

Stephanie Shen crop

Youth voice reaches United Nations

Stephanie Shen

Until recently, Pakuranga College student, Stephanie Shen, had... Read more

Shane and Joanna LMLM 2012

Living with someone who has a mental illness

Shane and Joanne

Everyone except their doctor said it couldn’t work,... Read more

Te Ariki LMLM 2012 cropped

Out of the darkness and into the light

Te Ariki

As the warm sunlight streams in through the... Read more

Tamihana 2

Dancing out of the dark

Tamihana Paurini

When Kapiti dancer Tamihana Paurini experienced depression, he... Read more

Andrew Serjeant image 1a

Art, stigma and other things

Andrew Serjeant

Some people spend all their spare cash on... Read more


Poets stand against stigma

Chris McMurray

Rapper and performance poet Chris McMurray is drawing... Read more

Lance Elliott

Personal experience inspires hope

Lance Elliott

Wellingtonian Lance Elliott has lived with schizophrenia for... Read more

jo ashcroft 2014 marathon

Loving the bipolar label

Jo Ashcroft

To those who don’t know her, Jo Ashcroft... Read more

Debbie Siau crop6x4

Debbie's journey to positive energy

Debbie Siau

When Debbie Siau was first diagnosed with bipolar... Read more

Eric Biddington image

Album takes note of stigma

Eric Biddington

A project that brought together the musical and... Read more

Hazel Guyan

Beautiful identities don't judge

Hazel Guyan

University of Canterbury graduate, Hazel Guyan, is an... Read more

Torika Watters2

Beauty queen speaks out

Torika Watters

Fijian Torika Watters was just 12 years old... Read more


Fighting the good fight

Sonia Gray

With twin four-year-olds and a busy work schedule... Read more

Stephen Jason combo

Positive Energy participants speak out

Stephen and Jason

Speaking openly about an experience of mental illness... Read more

Cover image Issue 47

Mental distress on campus

Erin Harrington

The years spent in tertiary study are supposed... Read more



Human rights at the core of Step Forward

In 1997 Like Minds, Like Mine had the... Read more

simon davis oakley

Positively bipolar

Simon Davis-Oakley

Simon Davis-Oakley enjoyed his life as a self-employed... Read more

Annie mychillybin100017 86 Small

Discrimination from friends hard to handle


Annie (36) is frustrated with her friends after... Read more


Interacting with people in mental distress

Kites Trust

What you do as a police officer makes... Read more



Walk a mile in our shoes

Exploring Discrimination Within and Towards Families and Whānau of... Read more

pacific mhf 6x4

Reducing stigma in Pacific communities

Evangelene Daniela

Combining cognitive behaviour therapy with cultural traditions is... Read more

Rangi Ruru hi res

Using drama to understand mental illness

Rangi Ruru Girls’ School

Year 13 drama students from Rangi Ruru Girls’... Read more

Guy Baker 2 031212 003

Support for an experience of depression

Guy Baker

Many people find mental illness difficult to acknowledge... Read more

Richard Twogood 7

Cheeky initiative leads to new opportunities

Richard Towgood

Richard Towgood from Tapu on the Coromandel is... Read more

Ben Lockie image 1 6x4

A supportive workplace makes all the difference

Ben Lockie

Ben Lockie has everything he could wish for... Read more

Ellie Ainge Roy HR

Sunday Star-Times a responsible employer

Ellie Ainge Roy

Sometimes it seems like it’s a real challenge... Read more

Minnie Baragwanath

Lessons on being who you are

Minnie Baragwanath

Minnie Baragwanath is chief executive and creator of... Read more

Richard anderson 6x4

Schizophrenia is part of my story

Richard Anderson

Schizophrenia is potentially the most stigmatising of all... Read more

Jarno Noordermeer image6x4 NST credit

Blogging to reduce stigma and discrimination

Jarno Noordermeer

Sharing the stories of people who have experienced... Read more


Farmers under pressure

Rural stress

A war is raging in the quiet backwaters... Read more

What Works 350x200


What Works

Workplaces that include and support people with experience... Read more


Investing in wellbeing benefits employees

Wellington City Council

As general manager of building compliance and consents... Read more

Robyn Yousef crop full res

Going public for greater good

Robyn Yousef

After years of mulling over an idea, Robyn... Read more

ShortlandStreet image

Portraying mental illness on the small screen

Shortland Street

Fictional characters with experience of mental illness are... Read more

Joan of arc

A cacophony of creativity

Nine hear voices

Almost 600 years ago an illiterate, French peasant... Read more

Stories of Success cover 6x4


Social inclusion, the key to recovery

Stories of Success is the latest publication the... Read more

people woman coffee meeting


The benefits of positive employment

A recent Like Minds, Like Mine research project... Read more

MMorrah 6x4

Challenge the stigma behind Raurimu

Michael Morrah

How do you tell a story of extreme... Read more

GAreth Edwards

Changing the world one word at a time

Gareth Edwards

Gareth Edwards is mad. That’s the term he... Read more

Magdel Hammond LMLM 2014

A different attitude to illness

Magdel Hammond

Moving to Aotearoa was like shifting to “absolute... Read more